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Frequently Asked Questions


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Do you provide the alcohol?

Due to current liquor laws in BC, we are not allowed to purchase or provide alcohol. The alcohol being served at the private event will have to be purchased by either the host of the event or the venue. However, with a Special Event Permit from the LCRB the person hosting the event can purchase alcohol for us to dispense from Sip a Sip. You can even sell the alcohol via a ticket system if you wish or a toonie bar!

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How much space does the bar require & what are the technical requirements?

Sip a Sip is approximately 10ft long, 5.5ft wide and 7ft tall. So, we require adequate space to park. If you are unsure about whether your property and/or venue will work, we can always do a site check and free consultation prior to booking!  We require two dedicated 15A circuits with standard 110v plugs to power up the entire system. A municipal water supply is always helpful too. If your event venue or home isn't equipped for that kind of power output, we also have generator rentals available. 

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How does liquor licensing work?

The host will be responsible to apply for a Special Events Permit for his/her event (If applicable). The host may also be required to complete the Serving It Right (SIR) certificate online. We will guide you through the process so do not feel overwhelmed. It's quick and easy.

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What is a Serving It Right Certificate?

A SIR Certificate is required for anyone serving alcohol or anyone hosting an event that serves alcohol in BC. So, if you want to purchase the Special Event Permit, you also need an SIR Certificate. All bartenders at Sip a Sip Mobile Bar have a valid SIR Certificate.

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How do I get a Special Event Permit?

You can go online and apply for a Special Event Permit at the link below:

We can help you with the application or we can also purchase the Special Event Permit for your event ourselves for a small fee! 

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What kind of drinks can you make & how will we know what to buy?

We will consult with you before the event to see what alcohol requirements you may have and come up with a detailed menu from there. We can keep it simple or go as fancy as you desire! After that we will put together a full liquor order for you and help you find deals.


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Can you purchase the alcohol for us?

It all depends on who purchases the Special Event Permit. If we purchase the permit, then we can buy the alcohol. If you purchased the permit, we can pick it up for you prior to the event, but it'll have to go on your credit card at the time of purchase.

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Can we customize Sip a Sip’s décor for an event?

Yes, we love to get Sip a Sip dressed up. We offer lounge seating for an additional price near the bar for guests as well. We are always up for fun new ideas, so please get in touch with us.

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What about drink mix, garnishes, and ice?

We provide ice, garnishes, and drink mixes and nonalcoholic drink mixes as part of all our packages. We will consult with you and recommend any extra drink mixes and garnishes as per your cocktail needs. Garnishes include but are not limited to:

  • Citrus slices or wedges

  • Cinnamon stick

  • Cocktail olives

  • Celery sticks

  • Strawberry

  • Watermelons

  • Mint

  • Rosemary

  • Pineapple slice or wedge

  • Star Anise

  • Cherries

  • Salt (rim of glass)

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What do I need to secure my date?

We require a 25% deposit non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. The remaining 75% is due 2 weeks before your event date.

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What happens if I need to change my date?

We know times are unforeseeable and COVID is playing havoc on brides and planners. We are happy to work with our clients to accommodate re-scheduling. If we cannot accommodate you and reschedule we will give you a full refund!

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